Upcoming Offerings by Nalaya Healing

Calendar of Events & Offerings

Somos Sanctuary Medicine Weekend

May 25-26 (Sat/Sun - Memorial Day Weekend)

Somos Sanctuary is honored to return to Santa Barbara to share the medicine of our hearts with this beautiful community and territory on May 25th-26th for two powerful ceremonies (one overnight). Designed over the long weekend to provide ample space for rest and integration.

Come experience resonance, connection, prayer, healing, and teachings from the sacred with us at a beautiful temple sanctuary space in Santa Barbara, surrounded by nature and with sweeping views of the ocean.

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Vocalization Sound Ceremony

with Willa of Nalaya Healing

Come for a ceremonial experience with Willa Kveta of Nalaya Healing. Together, we will enter a sacred journey through sound frequency, activating our own vocal & instrumental vibrations accompanied by a wave of pre-recorded music embedded with the codes and frequencies of the earth through medicine songs and tribal beats.

Bring your rattle, bring your drum! Come ready to receive potent song medicine, release stuck energy in your body, and send your prayers out into the ethers.

May 9th - Lucid Therapuetics

Mini Day Retreat - for Womxn

May 11 - Partial Day Retreat

The Sacred Earth Women's Retreat with lite medicina ⱄⰔ is all about tapping us into the subtle body and the magic all around us. Establishing a deeper connection to Ourselves, our Sisterhood, our Magic, and to Mother Earth Wisdom.

At this Sacred Earth Mini Women's Retreat, we’ll be expanding on the above four pillars as the foundation of our experience together. It will be a half day event in the natural world ~ in communion with nature, experiencing the blessings and lessons from the elements.

May 11th - text 805-633-4633 if you are interested in joinging