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Remembering Who We Are

I believe we all come here to experience the full rainbow spectrum of life, of emotion (energy-in-motion), to learn from our experiences, and to grow. And it is through this process, that we remember who we are (on a soul level) and find the gifts that we are meant to share with the world.

About Me

My name is Willa. By way of unconditional love and through my embodiment of ancient wisdom teachings, I am a Ceremonialist, Intuitive Guide, and Sacred Photographer, working in the realms of Magic, Healing, and Expansion. I am here to spread LOVE and JOY on this planet through the mycelial network that connects all life.

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My Purpose

I hold space for Healing and Expansion, helping myself and other humans access the remembrance from within our beings of how to see the bits of magic in all experiences (the shadow and the light), and how to find greater purpose in life.

My way is through Deep Ceremonial Experiences, Sacred Photography, Energy Work, Medicine Songs, and Love.