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Meditative Journeys

I work within the subtle energies, in the realms of Magic, using my attuned intuition and sensitivity as a guide to help us tap into higher knowing, find new perspectives, heal from within, and gain deeper understanding.
Through my training in Reiki, Sound & Light Frequency, Earth Wisdom, and other modalities, I help bridge the ethereal with the physical through guided day long experiences.
These sacred ceremonies are held with great reverence, and designed to bring insight, meaning, depth, and growth.

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Private Meditation Journeys

Deeply held healing

My Ceremonies are held in traditional ways, carried through Medicine Songs and Chants passed down to me.


We begin with intention setting and deep ceremonial practices that help you channel your inner knowing.


Throughout the experience, you are held in a loving and supportive container, where true healing and real growth has spaciousness to emerge.


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